Zouho Priscilla Sarah

I am Zouho Priscilla Sarah, an 18 year old student in Toulouse and I would like to tell you about my passion for art.

I am a person who has always liked to create, invent or even produce and reproduce. I would describe myself as someone creative, rigorous and curious so for me, the professions related to art are the ones that seemed to me the best in which I paid attention to them without counting the hours then over the years the scientific subjects interested me more and more so I found the profession of architecture which brings together everything I love which are art and technique.
art remains a pleasure, a real passion, so I decided to turn to activities that attracted me and that I needed to improve such as creation, painting or drawing.

I wanted to choose art to prepare myself for the job I wanted to do later, which is architecture. I had several professions in mind before finding this one, I first thought of styling or the profession of painter or designer for freedom in terms of creativity and then I thought of professions like engineer for the scientific spirit and the precision, knowing that I like art and technique as much I thus opted for the architecture which connects all its qualities.

In the future, I therefore hope to turn to my dream job while continuing to exercise my passion.


Perpetual Ocheme

Perpetual Ocheme is a self taught artist that grew up in Abuja Nigeria and migrated to Canada to further her education. For as long as she could remember, she was drawing before she was writing. Her fascination for art began when she would watch cartoons or play games on cereal boxes. She always had a pencil in her hand wherever she went and tried to recreate what she saw on paper. It was a way for her to express her emotions and therapy to her soul.
As she grew, she took a liking to drawing more realistically, specifically human anatomy, fashion and facial portraits mostly inspired by black people and African culture. She is most known at her local high school for her work “the Afrocentric black woman” (charcoal on paper) as well as “black women in fashion” (Prisma color on Bristol board).
Currently, she is exploring acrylics and plans to incorporate her designs into fashion hoping to create something new and unique for her audience. In the nearby future, she hopes to start a brand that will inspire young creators like herself to follow their dreams.


Adejumo Daniel Oluwajemitola

I go by the name Adejumo Daniel Oluwajemitola, I am a Nigerian born December 20th 1998 and raised in Nigeria. I am twenty-three years old and Yoruba by tribe. Growing up as a kid I was raised in Benue state with both parents and three sisters in an estate within a community called north bank. I attended Tiny tots nursery and primary school, one of the best schools at that time although the name has been changed to Towering tots. I schooled there from kindergarten till basic 4, commencing Basic 4, I and my family relocated to Abuja Nigeria, a new environment entirely so I and my siblings where meant to enroll into new institution. We continued in a school named Prime scholars nursery and primary school Karu Abuja but not for too long because we had to change another institution named Redeemers nursery and primary school due to my parents’ decision and apparently that was where I finished basic Education in the year 2010.

Starting another new chapter of my life that same year, I wrote several entrance examinations to enroll in high school, and along the line I and my parents settled for a school in Town named Divine Mercy secondary school Asokoro Abuja. I commenced as a boarding student full time. That’s from junior secondary school one to senior secondary school 3 (Jss1-Ss3). I graduated in the year 2016 as a science student but all my life I have always had the flare for drawings and art in general although I didn’t do it as a major because I already had it as a natural gift. So I felt it won’t be too necessary but nevertheless it is still in me.

After high school I became and currently a student of Federal University of Technology Minna. Studying Information and media technology. Along the line I casually started taking shots with my mobile device for fun and could not help but find critics to tell me what they feel about my shots but apparently I got exciting encouragements pushing me to take more, which I did then I decided to take it seriously. I started developing myself, my mum aided me in getting my company name registered, also came up with the name “LENSCAP IMAGES”. Moreover, I got familiar with more apps for editing because all my shots till date are captured and edited with my mobile device till I get a very good camera. At some point in time I started framing them on canvass, which I still do and also took part in couple of exhibitions.so in conclusion in opened to rubbing mind with individuals with foresight and developing myself better.


Ebenezer Oppongs

Ebenezer Oppongs monumental body of work represents a microcosm of collective memory, visually encapsulating a broad range of cultural, literary, and philosophical allusions

Fusing art and literature, painting and sculpture, Ebenezer engages the complex events of history and the ancestral epics of life, death, and the cosmos. His boundless repertoire of imagery is paralleled only by the breadth of media palpable in his work.

Ebenezer’s oeuvre encompasses paintings & pencil drawings, installations, artist books.The physical elements of his practice—from graphite to acrylic paint are as symbolically resonant as they are vast-ranging. By integrating, expanding, and regenerating imagery and techniques, he brings to light the importance of the sacred and spiritual, myth and memory. He has currently made multiple portrait replica in graphite on paper style. Which have been sold to numerous prominent clients including chiefs in the Ashanti region.

Ebenezer Oppongs was born in 1995 in Kumasi,Ghana. After Junior high school , he attended Osei Tutu where he studied visual arts.

Ebenezers work is yet to be displayed in galleries.


Alex-Brandon Brou Kadjo

Alex-Brandon Brou Kadjo was born on July 22, 1998 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. His love for art is revealed from an early age, awakened by the comics and novels offered to him by his parents. Hyperactive, he paints and draws on everything he finds. As a child, his course notebooks contain more drawings than lessons. These imaginary worlds seem to him as real as the world around him, there he finds refuge and dreams of countless fantastic characters.
Very attached to his family, in particular his mother who encourages him to share his passion, he explores various forms of art through which he describes his daily life. But over time the candor fades; painting being an art little valued in his country, he ended up moving towards something else. He arrives at university at 15 in law school, feels torn from himself and lands in a rigid world.
As a teenager, he has insipid thoughts and withdraws, he becomes depressed and suffers from depersonalization. His passion fades to occupy only a vague place in his mind. At 18 he left for France to continue his law studies, living alone gave him a feeling of independence, a period that would strongly influence his art. Nostalgic and alone, he cannot escape the need to externalize these thoughts. So the artist embraces the internal chaos he faces by returning to painting. He feels the need to reunite the parts of himself from which he felt detached. The experiences he lives serve as his muse and it is in an abstract art, strongly marked by the spiritual, that he finds the grail. In search of personal but also cultural identity, he immerses himself in reading and revisits his roots through his creations. For each of his works, he displays his obsession for the eyes with his brightly colored characters, nested within each other.



Udolisa Akolisa

My name is Udolisa Akolisa, Akolisa (Igbo) meaning “The hand of God”. I am a devout lover and follower of Christ.
I am Nigerian, born and raised, with the typical upbringing in religion, family, school and friends. I studied science in high school and currently studying electrical engineering at Budapest university of Technology and Economics.
At the age of 8, it became known amongst those who experienced my character that I was good with numbers. As I became exposed more and more to the world I became more confused but if somehow the new discoveries I found were explained to me in digits, the world made more sense. Numbers were my language. My means of communicating with the outside.
It also came to light that I was highly imaginative, I mean of course, after all that is the common expectation of the imagination of kids.
At the age of 11, I integrated my imaginations with the skill to draw. In other words I found a way to put the images and thoughts in my head unto sheets of paper by drawing, a skill I was honing at an increasing rate. Drawing felt natural, like it was intended for my use.
Numbers was still my language.
At the age of 15, numbers became more of a slang than a language and I rarely used them. Sculpturing my imaginations, thoughts and ideas into drawings and writings transitioned into my primary language. I had found a new way to communicate.
At the age of 20, my number language embedded into character. Now I’m analytic, systematic and sometimes objective. It has its advantages and disadvantages but I’m happy with who I am. Becoming more of a stoic, I still had drawing and writing as my primary language but I rarely spoke.
Now at the age of 22, my systematic character is further set in stone. As for my language, I still rarely speak but when I do, I am believe I am led and loud, spiritually and artistically.