Lanzart Company is an online art gallery founded by Axel Lanz, a 23 year old who dwells in Georgia, Atlanta. Not only is painting an art, but it is also one of the oldest creations that was invented before photography. In fact, it was a great method for making both imaginary and replication of images.
The covid-19 pandemic made me tap into a silent passion of mine. I became very aware of the art exposition difficulties that plagued a lot of galleries around the world. Then, I decided to hold the hands of artists, especially those of my generation, to help them improving their living standards by giving them a place to secure their source of income. Man is no island; thus I reached out to numerous people to help connect me with talented young people so that they could showcase and sell their works under my site. I realized that I could not complete all these activities alone, plus increasing the number of painters would help oncrease the quality and variety other paintings.
Never turn down help from anyone, either psychological, physical, or emotional. You never know what the future beholds.
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