Is there anything as a wrong painting?

Oh yes! very much so!

A painting could be wrong from many angles. It could generally be wrong, it could be wrong in the setting, or it could just have wrong elements.

For example, nude art is continually gaining popularity globally. However, it cannot be displayed everywhere. Most historical arts display nudity due to their time of origin. Such artwork tends to fit in any setting due to their historical attributes. However, any other nude image that is not historic, may not be feasible in all settings.

Similarly, it will be absurd for a family to have a family portraits of another family in their home. For starters, how will they explain to their visitors? How will visitors think of them? Will people come back to their home once they note such an image?

It is crucial to ensure that you just not select an image, but ensure that it will preach the message you need it to do. Also, you must ensure that it relays the message you intend to relay.

Do not just pick a portrait blindly, otherwise you might embarrass yourself. If portraits are a new form of decoration to you, get advise from professionals on the kind of image you need. It would be so sad to spend a fortune on a portrait just to be the laughing stock of the town.

I would gladly give you advice on any kind of portrait that you need depending on the occasion, setting, and recipient. Why would you make that blunder and I am here for free advice?

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