Do Paintings Get Old ? 🤔

Paintings are like an investment. You have to ensure that the painting you purchase will serve its value for the intended time. While considering this, also consider the value for your money. Just like furniture and electronics, paintings are considered a great part of one’s asset. In fact, they can be auctioned or exchanged in case one is in an emergency and needs funds. You must therefore ensure that whichever painting you select to put in your space, is a long-lasting painting.
What must you do then to help prolong the life time of your painting?
For one, maintenance is key. Paintings must be dusted regularly and cleaned according to the artist of the painting. For example, when oil-based paintings get dirty, they must be wiped by a dump cloth. If you make a mistake of wiping such a painting with a substance like turpentine, you are simply ruining the painting slowly. So, you have to be very careful how you clean your paintings.
Another key factor to consider is to ensure that you do not move the painting unnecessarily. There are certain movements that are mandatory. For instance, while shifting from one house to another. You must ensure that even as you make such movements, you do not expose the paintings to friction, as this will lead to wear and tear.
Remember, the goal is to ensure that you do not reduce the value of the painting. Taking a look at our gallery, you will notice that the paintings range between $100- $500; some paintings could be more expensive than the stated price range.
Whether cheap or expensive, you must take care of the painting. You can opt to resell it or exchange it for a fortune. You cannot afford to carelessly tend to a painting in the name of maintenance. Just try to ensure that you use proper methods of maintenance. You can also inquire from your gallery on how to maintain the painting.

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