Blending Colors in Portraits

One of the basic ideas we learn during our tender ages is colors. We are introduced to the concept of primary and secondary colors. We get to understand how mixing these colors give rise to more complex colors. However, we only learn the basic colors. As one grows up and learns to conceptualize the world, they get to know more variety and shades of colors.

Whether your portrait is a painting or a photograph, you got to make sure that the colors are blending with one another, and not screaming. Understanding how the basic colors combine with one another will help you ensure that you do not select an absurd portrait.

To ensure that you do not mess up a portrait, you must understand the transitioning of colors from dark to light and vice versa. A perfect portrait of photograph must have a gradual fading of colors. Perfect fading will help you ensure that colors blend correctly with each other. A perfect painting will not have sharp transitions. Photographs are also edited to correct any sudden or sharp transitions. Perfect photographers have mastered the perfect art of blending colors such that they understand how they edit their images.

Most photographers will subject their images to editing so that they can emphasize on the colors and major elements in an image. As much as items in their natural state may not be very appealing. Perfect photographers understand that they should not submit their images as they are, but should rather do a little of editing.

The idea of color blending and image editing should not just be a knowledge for artists and photographers, but also those purchasing the pieces. There is nothing as embarrassing as spending a fortune on a portrait, only for people to criticize the color combination. As a buyer, always ensure that you thoroughly scrutinize the color combinations before settling on a painting.

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