Art Inspires Your Visual Inspiration

When using memory techniques, one draws upon visual imagination. Even though mnemonics is extremely important we unknowingly use visual words.
The more visual iconography you’ve seen in your life, the more potency the visual words you use will hold. Exposure equals experience, practice makes perfect and experience leads to substance. The more we are exposed, the greater of the meaning the words would have.If you’ve been to an art gallery lately amid the pandemic, you’ve definitely seen how modern artists use words whereas pop artists use comic strips. You don’t even have to enter an art gallery to see words used in graffiti on nearly every street in your city; ART IS OMNIPRESENT AND OMNIPOTENT. Looking at art and paying attention to how artists use words is especially great for inspiring how you can use your visual imagination to achieve things you could never imagine yourself doing. Next time you’re in an art gallery, pay particular attention to how words appear in the exhibits.
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