Are Paintings Ever Too Much ?

Last week I attended a seminar on making and meetings Targets. People of different careers spoke in the seminar and shared their ideas. As they were sharing, I noted something. Some of the individuals could answer questions on their career so well while others were a bit sluggish. I tried to asses whether there was a common factor for those who were sluggish and those who were quick. Although There was no common factor, I began to notice a certain pattern. I had expected that those who had more experience in their fields would be quick to respond to questions. On the contrary, they came off as quite slow. Nonetheless, they were precise in their responses. Those with less experiences in their fields were somewhat quick to respond. However, some of them were passing on some answers to the more skilled professionals. The whole seminar got me thinking, could something be too much? I tried to apply the same notion to paintings, Sometimes you might note that someone buys so many paintings, making them look like hoarders, Nonetheless, they find a way to arrange their paintings to ensure that their homes of offices remain as beautiful as expected. Other times one could buy less paintings, and still make their spaces look beautiful.

What am I trying to say ? As long as you know what you want with your paintings, they can never be too much. Learn how to arrange things and you will notice that everything falls into place. However, if you have no idea how to put your paintings,  you will never get it right. Wether you have one painting or ten paintings, you must learn a least the basics of art. You need to know how to position them in your home to ensure that you do not ruin the mood. Plus, the more you purchase your paintings, the more you learn about them. Some people will continue purchasing millions of paintings and still not learn how to put them well in their homes. As disturbing as this may be, you cannot correct people in their homes.

Free advice, always ask tips from your vendors to avoid embarrassment. Your visitors will not tell you that you have assembled a painting wrongly, but they are likely to smirk about it. So, always ask your vendor for ideas. It will save you some embarrassment!


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